Real Estate

The importance of being followed by an expert

A concrete support during the process of buying and selling of real estate

Purchase services

The deep knowledge of both the international dynamics of the real estate and promotionmethods makes HelloGroup a concrete support during the property purchasing.

On line search

Through the consumption of our real Estate specialized websites,the potential buyer will have thepossibility to view all the property characteristics and main details ; an interactive planimetry and, ifnecessary, a professional virtual tour of the property chosen.

On line contact

The buyer could request further information on line as well as an inspection. Together with theHelloGroup representative seed, the RE Hellogroup office will coordinate the inspection tourmanagement with the potential buyer and the possible expression of interest through the signing ofa formal acquisition proposal.

Property sale

Negotiation direction and technical, legal and financial support during the most critical activitiessuch as the acquisition proposal and the temporary agreement drafting. Collection and research,where necessary, of all the documents required for the preliminary procedure.

Selling services

HelloGroup carries out its activities by deploying its organizational and technological skills whichallow to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the real estate selling.

Estimate and evaluation of the real estate

The real estate will be professionally estimated and evaluated through the benchmark in order to enhanceits peculiarities.Later we will refine the term to sell given exclusively by the owner.

Property promotion in RE key

The Property will be later promoted through the best international channels and recommended to the bestreal estate angencies for an efficient promotional campaign in order to improve the chances to earn aprofit.

Requests control

Through our dedicated software interface, the owner could always check the visits realized and which typeof person is interested in the real estate purchase.

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