Trulli: a big return on investment

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    Unique little cone shaped houses you can find in Puglia

    These iconic properties, once used for agricultural purposes are now in high demand for overseas investors who wish to transform them into successful Holiday Rentals which are obtaining an excellent return on investment due to the growing demand for tourism in Puglia.

    Trulli are extremely popular Buy to Let investments for overseas buyers

    HelloApulia Real Estate has derived a unique Buy to Let formula where we guide the buyer through the entire sales process, from the first viewing, through to any renovations made (under the guidance of our network of professional architects & surveyors) right till the signing of the contracts and advising the best strategies to place the property into the Holiday Rental circuit.

    Trulli houses history: the construction technique

    Today, trulli are still used as dwellings and are the subject of continuous studies by international engineers and architects (some of which have even tried to reproduce them elsewhere).

    A brilliant example of spontaneous architecture, the trullo is built on a solid base (very thick walls) on which the heavy masonry is inserted into limestone.
    Very old building techniques give life to a structure that, although lacking supporting elements, possesses an extraordinary static capacity. The trullo is usually circular and the interior spaces are distributed around the central compartment. The thickness of the walls and the few windows ensure an optimal thermal balance, warmth in winter and cool in summer.

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