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Why hire a Property Management Company?

The idea of purchasing a second home in Italy as an investment…..may sound like a total dream but if you aren’t based locally to keep an eye on it, the dream can quickly turn into a troublesome nightmare.

L’Aia di Cucumo Holiday Rental – Castellana Grotte

This is where choosing an agent with a professional Property Management service is an invaluable investment, and one that will totally take away the stress, and you can enjoy receiving the rental returns that come in.

Here are some of the main advantages for choosing a Puglia Property Management Company to look after your property:

  • Local Expertise
    Burst pipes? Electricity blackout? Pool and garden maintenance? These are all things that can happen regularly to properties and if you are not on hand to deal with it yourself, it can become quite the headache!
    HelloGroup’s Property Management division have a team of local reliable professionals that are on hand to manage your property and ensure that its being cared for so that your guests are receiving a high standard.
  • Check In/Out Procedures
    If you are based overseas and have a second property in Italy for use as a Holiday Rental you will need to enlist a check-in manager to take care of greeting your guests, processing payments and so on. Our staff are on hand 24/7 to assist your guests, with whatever they need.
  • Complex Italian regulations
    Over the last few months important and significant changes to the regulatory framework concerning the management of short-term rentals for tourist purposes have been introduced both at national and local level (in this case Regional and Municipal), such as the obligation to report to the tenant’s police station the payment of the tourist tax and, for the Puglia region, the Institution of the Register of Non-hotel Accommodation Structures and the CIS (Structure Identification Code). HelloGroup’s Property Management division is composed of a team of professionals able to successfully manage all tax obligations to avoid unpleasant incidents due to unprofessional management.
  • Marketing
    We market our properties on the most sought after holiday rental portals such as Airbnb and as well as via our social media channels and websites.
    We strive to provide a high quality service for our owners and guests and it’s our mission to create a holiday experience that leaves memories that last a lifetime.

If you are looking to purchase a property for use as a Holiday Rental or alternatively if you have a Holiday Rental that you would like professionally managed, contact us and we would be delighted to arrange a obligation free consultation with you.

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